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In this blog post, we’ll outline some of the key benefits of becoming a barber at our London barber academy.

1. You get to meet people from all walks of life

Every time someone walks through the barbershop door, you never know who is going to sit in the chair in front of you. From doctors, to teachers, to waiters and even dealers at casinos, you’re bound to meet someone from every possible industry.

You’re also likely to meet people from all different cultures; especially here at Strap and Scraper London as we’re based in the heart of East London. Meeting all these different walks of life comes in handy at some point; whether it’s restaurant or holiday recommendations, or even keeping up to date on the latest news in different industries, your barber hears it all!

2. It’s something people will always need

Everyone is always going to need a haircut. Whether that’s every few weeks or every few months, or even once a year, it’s a trade that will never die. I must admit it was handy knowing how to cut hair in the recent pandemic imposed lockdowns. My household and myself always had freshly cut hair!

3. The end-result is extremely rewarding

Whether it’s your regular customer or someone completely new, it’s amazing knowing that people put their sole trust in you to handle their appearance. From a simple trim for upkeep, to a complete restyle, seeing the hair from start to finish and providing people with the look they aspire to is just as rewarding for your barber as it is to you.

4. You can take the skills with you anywhere in the world

As we mentioned earlier, everyone is always going to need a haircut. There’s no limits on where or when you can do so. Whether you want the skills under your belt just to help out family and friends, to open up your own shop, or to travel the world, barbering skills will be with you wherever you go, for life.

5. It’s more than just cutting hair

Of course, the main skill of a barber is based on the haircuts they provide. However, it is so much more than just cutting hair. You don’t just go to a barber for how good the hair cut is, you go to those that provide the best service, provide a great consultation and give you the end result you want.

It’s also one of the best way to gain social skills, telephone skills and of course tea & coffee making skills!

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